Friday, June 17, 2011

2 Month Hiatus: Oven Adventure

I'm almost halfway there to 40 comments on this post about getting my hubby to write for one month!  If you haven't said yay or nay yet, click here to do it!  40 'yay' votes and I'll get to read about what my husband thinks about wine. :)


During my 2 month hiatus, while one of my very best friends was visiting from socal, in the middle of making my friend who'd just had a baby dinner, while the pasta was just supposed to start boiling-- our oven broke.  Like broke in the sense of a big "POP!" and then suddenly just turned off.  Pasta didn't boil. I was microwaving things like a mad woman.  Homemade mac & cheese doesn't really do well in the microwave.

We went online to craigslist, found this shiner above in Battleground.  Drove 38 miles in the rain to get it, only to realize we didn't bring anything to cover or protect it for the ride home.

No, I didn't strap myself to it in the truck bed but I sure thought about it.

Instead, we went to a gas station and looted their recycle bin like it was our job.  Some twine, a few boxes and cardboard pieces later, we were ghetto fabbing our way home (in the rain no less).

No dents!  What a bonding experience. :)

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