Monday, April 1, 2013

My Prayer for My Girl

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These words, they are uttered every night as I lay my girl down to sleep. Clutching her "lamby" and her soft little giraffe blanket, she sucks her thumb as I rub her head and arms as she drifts off. I absolutely love bedtime. It's a sacred time for us. Bath, jammies, stories and bedtime prayers. I know she doesn't understand the words yet... But I pray them every night just the same.

I write these words here just to remember, for days to come when she is a teenager and I won't be cradling her in my arms at bedtime anymore. 


Dear Lord,

Thank you so much for Maya and for the wonderful blessing she is to her parents and everyone who meets her.

We pray that Maya would have peace as she sleeps, that she would wake up rested and refreshed, and ready to start the day.  I pray that You would be refining her character, even as she sleeps and in her dreams.

Protect her body, Lord Jesus; keep her safe and healthy.

We pray that Maya grows to know and love the One who knows and loves her; that You would call her and nothing would hinder her from coming.  We pray that she chooses You, Father.

We pray that if she chooses to get married, that You would bring her a man that loves You, loves her, and together they can love You more.  Bring her a man after Your own heart Lord.

We pray for wisdom to raise Maya in the way that she should go, so when she is old she will not turn from it-- and we pray that we would be worthy of the honor to be her parents.

We love you Lord and we love Maya!  Thank you so much for our precious little gift.  Thank you Lord for Maya.

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