Thursday, July 22, 2010


Being busy. Isn't it annoying that everyone around us is always busy?! It's like we are all so important with so many crazy cool things to do that we are in a constant state of busy-ness. I hate this. Are we really that important that we are always "too busy" or jammed packed full?! Unfortunately yours truly is the worst culprit of this. At work I have "too much" going on to stop and connect with the people I work with-- the people who I spend the most of my waking hours with. That is just not right! If I spend 40 hours with these people I should be investing in relationship with them, but no, I am too busy.

My husband often gets the tail end of my attention during the work week because I am so busy with the house and emails and trying to organize my life to sit and have a non-multiple-tasking conversation with him while he's away. What is wrong with this picture? My husband calls to spend time with me, even though it is conversation time and not face to face, it is still time he is taking from his day to communicate and connect to me. And still I am just "so busy".

Tonight a friend of mine came over because the gals from church were going to get together for cooking and movies, two of my favorite things! I had cancelled because I'm leaving for a work trip tomorrow and my flight leaves at 6 am, and I haven't packed or gotten any of the laundry done or exercised or blah blah blah (there I go again being busy!!!). Needless to say I forgot to tell her the gals weren't coming over and felt really bad when she showed up. She was so gracious and of course was super sweet and didn't make me feel bad, but I felt awful. Since when did I become so busy that I forgot about telling a friend something important? Normally I'd say I need a vacation! I'm just too busy! But this got me to thinking... I don't need a vacation. I need to make a choice. I need to choose to be disciplined in my time. This goes for spending time with my husband, time with Jesus and time with people. I walk around like I'm so important and that's why I'm so busy but in reality i have chosen this for myself. I have made myself this busy, and I need to choose if this is how I want to spend my time.

Time is so precious... Let's not waste it being busy.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life Songs

Today I heard Switchfoot's song "Your Love is a Song" three times. Every time I got into my car and turned on the radio, that song was playing at the exact same spot. The third stanza where he sings "Your love is a symphony, all around me, running through me..." The second time I thought, this is weird, the exact same spot in the song, second time in a row, cool because I like this song. The third time, well, I am still wondering what God is trying to teach me through music. Or is it just a funny coincidence?!

Ever since I was a kid God has taught me things through music. Many times it's scripture being played in the tune of a song I love, and He reminds me of what His word says as I'm humming along. There are songs that I cherish because I feel they are a testament to what I strive to have my life mirror, even though I always fall short. When I'm stressed out at work I listen to the radio online and somehow just having those encouraging words in the background of my work are helpful to my day. I am so thankful God created music! "Your Love is a Song" reminded me that God is all around us, and His love is this perfect, beautiful stream that rushes towards us. I have a few old CD's that I made a couple years back with songs that I identify with and wanted my life to reflect. Here are just a few of my lifesongs that I pray my life can sing (in no particular order), because these words are so powerful and because each one has a story:

1. Spoken For- Mercy Me

I was in college when I fell in love with this song. Many of my girlfriends were dating, and I hardly was at all. I was always the type of gal who couldn't casually date. I tried, and it never worked. If I couldn't see it going beyond a few weeks, I couldn't run with it to "see where it goes". I wished I could be that girl, to date just to see what would happen. For some reason, my heart wouldn't let me casually involve myself because I didn't want to hurt anyone and I wanted to guard my heart. I used to pray that the first time I fell in love would be the last because I so dearly wanted my heart to be given to only one man. When I heard this song, I thought, this is so me! My heart is spoken for first by the lover of my soul-- Jesus! And then I met David, and he was the first and last man I gave my heart to. My husband, the only other who has my heart.

2. Carried Away- Sonic Flood

I just love the words. Check it out sometime. Jesus is the reason in my reason and I want to get carried away and jump into the life He has for me head first. It is an amazing song.

3. Magnificent Obsession- Steven Curtis Chapman

The title of this song says it all. What am I obsessed with? Mainly shoes... Okay I'm kidding, but my point is that many times I obsess over things that are meaningless. Let Jesus be my obsession, He is everything.

4. I want to Fall in Love with You- Jars of Clay

Probably my favorite lifesong. Let me fall more in love you Lord each and every day.

5. All Because of This- Mercy Me

Again, in college I found Mercy Me and immediately loved their music. This song is all about what this life means and who it all came from. It's all because of Jesus. Nothing else is here except for Him! I need to remember his unfailing love every day and hold onto it.

6. Lord have Mercy- Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith

My mom listened to Amy Grant when I was a kid, so I always had an affinity towards her and her music. I was so disappointed and sad when she got divorced. She was kind of like a small hero to me growing up because my parents had every album she every wrote and I heard her "grow up" through her music. This song is such a beautiful melody of God's forgiveness and mercy on us, a story of his love for us.

7. While I'm Waiting- John Waller

When we moved to Portland all I did was wait, or at least that's how I felt. In some ways, I still feel like I'm waiting but I think we will always be waiting for something... Waiting for heaven! Really though, throughout the move up here I really learned that God can teach us so much even through our wait. Wait upon the Lord is what His word says, and even in my waiting God encouraged me.

8. Speechless- Steven Curtis Chapman

I wish that every day I was speechless of God's love and grace. It really is amazing when I think about it, but I take it for granted so much. When I hear this song I want my life to be one of gratitude and awe of the amazing God we serve.

9. Be Still and Know that He is God- Steven Curtis Chapman

Sometimes I try to control things, and many times God just says "lay it down girl and let me do my thing!" Sometimes I just need to be still and know he is who he says he is, and he LOVES me.

10. Forever- Tim Hughes

Just the words of this song make me smile. Forever is going to be so cool in heaven.

11. I Will Hold On- Steven Curtis Chapman

Regardless of what life brings my way, I want to hold on to Jesus. It is much easier said than done. But that's why these are lifesongs, a GOAL of what I want my life to sing about. :)

12. Oh How the Years go by- Amy Grant

This song reminds me of my mom. Her best friend moved away when I was 10, and my mom cried and listened to this song. I know it sounds like a sad story, but I learned so much from mom at that point. Life keeps moving on, even when you want it to stand still. The life and love people bring to each stage of your life is something to be cherished and I have learned that myself in my 28 short years of life.

13. Where You Lead Me- Mercy Me

I hope that I will listen to where God leads me. I want to go where He is. I don't want anything less than His best!

Those are my lifesongs and a window into my soul.
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