I'm just an average girl who loves to go out on dates with my husband David, work on home projects, bake, deal hunt, try new recipes, make more out of less, exercise, hang out with my girlfriends, spend time with family, travel, read, and believe that it all belongs to God and he's the source and sustainer of everything. I don't have kids (yet) but dream of raising a family one day and including them in the adventure we've begun.

I'm also married to a field traveller. This means David is away during the week at what corporate jargon refers to as "the field". No, it isn't a grassy knoll with flowers and wheat (although some of the places he visits are in the middle of just that!), rather it's a funny way of saying he's on a business trip to a different city or state almost daily. He's gone most weekdays, which makes our life challenging, interesting, and odd yet fun. I hope I can articulate even a fraction of the love I have for him when I write.

This blog is basically about the everyday blah blah blah-- juggling work and home, relationships and community, day-to-day doing while striving for simplicity, peace and FUN. It's about life with an eternal mindset because it's all His anyway! It's to share things I've learned along the way and a method of connecting with you. I wish we could meet for coffee, but most likely you're in North Carolina or California or somewhere half way around the world and I am perched here in Oregon, so perhaps we can meet with our coffees in hand over the world wide web- right here. I would love to hear your heart and share mine with you.

So there you have it. These are the tidbits and stories from my life... As a field traveler's wife.

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