Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Indefinite Home

Oh travelling... I don't know how David does it! We just got back from NYC a couple weeks ago and in two days I am back on the plane to go to CA for the weekend. Two weeks after that, we are leaving again for a weekend trip. And to think he does this all the time, every week. When he travels to Alaska, he flies every day! Whew. It is so much fun and I love being on the go. But I also love to be home. And now that David and I have a real, true home that is ours, I enjoy it so much.

Home has changed every few years for me since I turned 18. My first two years of college, home was a girls dorm room across the street from the gym and pool at Washington State. I shared a room with Taryn, the best roommate in the world and ate meals in what we called the "barfe" (well, it was a buffet, but whatever). Every Tuesday night us freshman swim team gals would sit around the table in the barfe and watch "Felicity" after a long practice. Home was just being around those precious girls in the Regents dorm.

Two years later-- junior year of college I found myself transferring to Florida State. Two of my teammates also transferred there (half our Washington State swim team transferred due to some coaching trouble) and we rented an apartment across the street from Doak Campbell Stadium. We could litterally hear the tailgating from our porch. Home was our little, humble abode on Jackson Bluff Road on the 3rd story, left side. I had an air mattress. Katie brought a couch (soooo comfortable in comparison to my ridiculous air mattress) and Andre-Anne brought all her amazing French Canadian recipes (squeaky cheese? YUM). Us three went through boyfriends, classes, training for NCAA's and ACC's, weekend parties and/or late night chats. We shared everything. Home was friendship; precious friendship with these amazing gals who became my sisters.

After graduation I moved back into my parents house in California while I went to grad school. This time being "home" was temporary because it was my parents' house and not my own space, but it was also pretty 'final' in the location because I knew I would be staying in California indefinitely. I met David, fell in love... I moved to my own small studio apartment (I still call it my "130 Roycroft studio") down by the beach. I still miss that adorable studio. I walked everywhere. I went for runs on the beach. I people watched. I learned to cook. I lived from paycheck to paycheck but managed to save money too. I loved my little home. David surprised me in that small apartment and brought me over my first Christmas tree. We still have that tree and I love unpacking it each year and remembering David walking through the door with a huge box on his shoulder... A Christmas tree for me, for us to enjoy when we were at 130 Roycroft.

Who knew that just a few years later we'd move to Torrance, in our first apartment and then a year later book it to Oregon in our first house. When I look back over all the moves, all the "homes" and all the places we've lived, it's clear to me that home is really where the people you love are. I didn't love Regents dorm, and our Jackson Bluff apartment was on the 3rd floor (try moving a couch and an air mattress in the Florida heat! Ok, well the air mattress wasn't that hard. But the couch?!). Moving back in with my parents, finding my own lovely studio, cramming into a small apartment in the southbay, and jetting up a couple states were all precious, sweet moments of life because they were shared with people I love.

Now that we have an indefinite timeline of how long we'll be here at this home, I am happy to just BE. I am so content to just take a deep breath and know this place is where God has put us for however long he wants us here. I don't doubt he will move and shake us again, but for now I know this is where he wants us. And it's weird. It's weird to me that I'm so happy here. It's weird to me that I am beginning to like our life better here than I did in California. It's strange that we are growing so much and learning more than ever. It's oddly amazing.

People say travelling gives you a deeper respect and appreciation for culture, opens your eyes to the world and is an amazing part of experiencing life to the fullest. I believe all those things. I also think that travelling has enabled David and me to appreciate home. To savor our time. To experience something indefinite. Travelling, while taking David into the field each week-- has actually brought us closer. I look forward to the time when he won't be field travelling and will be home with me each night, but I am grateful for this time. Even if it is but for short breath in our life, I am home and I love it. :)
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