Friday, June 24, 2011

2 Month Hiatus: Benefits of Field Traveling

I still wish he was home.

I wish we had a normal life where we ate dinner together, went for walks, exercised, did yard work, cuddled up and watched TV on a Thursday night or something.  I'm excited for the day when we will be able to do those things.  For now, I appreciate it when he IS home on the weekends.

There are, however, some benefits to field traveling. :)

Companion Passes!  David flies so much that I get to fly for free.  Our trip to Florida for Amy Lo's weddingFree.  His ticket was free too since he used frequent flyer miles.  And on the way back?  Our flight was over-booked, so we opted to take a different flight (which got us home earlier!) and Southwest gave us $200 each for giving up our seat.  $400 total and a ticket home to arrive even earlier?  Not bad!

Sweet hotels!  I grew up staying in modest hotel rooms and am certainly not afraid of a motel or a stiff bed.  But I have to admit.... It's really nice to get upgraded or stay in a super fun nice hotel.  If we were footing the bill on our own, there's no way we would pay those dollars to sleep!  Not when we're mostly out of the room anyway.  But hotel points are dripping out of David's rear (okay that was a gross analogy) and so we were able to stay in a sweet hotel in Florida.  Lazy river.  Water slide (legit too!).  We loved the pool so much we decided to skip out on Disneyland and just veg in the sun!

A man who loves to be home.  I hope I can still say this even when he's not field traveling one day! :)  Right now David loves to be home.  We have such a nice time together on the weekends, which is why it's so hard when Monday rolls around and he has to leave again.  I love his face. :)  Sure, we have our moments.  It takes some time getting used to each other again after 4 days apart.  But I love the fact that he loves to be home.  He demonstrates that to me by helping me with laundry, mowing the grass, washing dishes, and listening to my week.  Drinking wine with me.  Telling me stories from the road.  Bringing me  peanuts from the flight (did you know Southwest now has honey roasted peanuts?!  They switch off every year or so between honey roasted and dry roasted.  We're on the honey ones again!).  I love this man.

I long for the day when he'll be home every night.  But for now, I'll rest in where we are be grateful for hotel points and free flights, and a man who doesn't take this home for granted one bit. :)

Ah! You're traveling AGAIN?!


  1. Beautiful post, Rachel! Barton travels quite a bit for work and it does get lonely. He's like David too though ... he loves his home time and being with the family! I hope your frequent flier miles take y'all to Austin one day. We've got a guest room waiting for you!! :)

  2. I would love to visit Austin one day Lisa!!! And you have a place to stay in Oregon as well :)!!!


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