Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project Simplify Week 1: Cleaning out the Closet

Simplemom revealed the "Hot Spot" for Project Simplify yesterday.

Let me tell you, I was not excited!  What is it you ask?

The closet. 

Before I get into my deepest dark feelings about my closet, let's review what Project Simplify consists of:
  1. Each Week, Simplemom will reveal the weeks "Hot Spot".  The "Hot Spot" is an area that tends to attract clutter, usually.
  2. Take a before picture of thehot spot in your home.
  3. You have a week to organize it, make it beautiful, functional, or de-cluttered!
  4. Take an after picture.
  5. Go to simplemom and link it to your blog if you want a chance to win in her give-aways.

Now, back to how I feel about my closet. :)

I love my closet, or rather, what it consists of.  I love all the shoes, scarves, purses and other garments that live there.  They're like old friends.  I'm someone who reminisces... "Hello, I remember you from the first day at ___ job.", or "Oooooh I was in New York when I fell in love you, my very favorite pair of heels.", or even "There you are!  I've missed you, how'd I misplace such a gorgeous camisole like you?!"

Yes, I love my closet.  And yes, I do need to simplify.

I get made fun of at work because of my heels.  Probably because I have a gazillion and I wear them in the rain.  Yeah, I get made fun of mostly because of my shoes, but sometimes because of my coats or the fact I wore a skirt so I must be really dressed up (I work for a really cool company who's extremely laid back.  We don't have a dress code, can I just say YAY to that).  I am a secret fashionista; I stare at lovely clothes when I window shop and then go to Target and try to duplicate the look but I don't really ever succeed.  I've always wished I was one of those girls who could boldly wear the newly in season bright {insert color} rain boots with an ever so delicate little black dress-- but then I get insecure and revert back to my basics.  Oh but I love clothes.  This is going to be a challenge for me.

I decided to do the coat closet as the closet of choice to simplify.  This closet, as you can see, also houses about half of my shoes.  The other half live in our bedroom closet, the laundry room and the trunk of my car. :)  This closet houses my favorite heels, the red wool poncho/coat I've worn only twice but tell myself I'll wear, the pink blazer that got wrinkled in the wash so I may not have even worn it since we moved.... Lots of coats and jackets.  That closet is stuffed.  We are only two people...  And only one when the man is travelling!

So here's to simplifying down the items I love most.  Cheers!  I figure if I can do that, the rest of this project should be gravy. :)

Will you join me?


  1. I'm looking forward to tackling my closets because they need it...but I am not looking forward to getting rid of some of my clothes

  2. Me either Julie! I loooooove jackets and hats and shoes and that is what this closet in my house consists of...


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