Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday Night Cheesecake

"That cheesecake you made last weekend was sooooo good," He smiles at me while he's blurring up his protein shake in the blender.  Home from a long week in Alaska and grateful for weather above freezing temperatures, my husband and I have our ritual debrief of the week while we each make our own Friday night meal.

"I'm glad you liked it!  I love making cheesecake!"  I reply.  After a successful turnout for Krista's birthday, cheesecake has been a treat I'm no longer fearful to take on.

"I think we should make another one." Bluuurrrrrhhhhh, chuuuuuuug, slurrrrrrp goes the blender.

"I don't have anymore cream cheese.  I can get some this weekend if you want though," I comment as I microwave my peas and pasta sauce.  David begins pouring his creation into a huge big gulp 7-11 cup. He takes a long gulp through his straw and I notice he's got protein shake sprayed on his eyelid.  I laugh and tell him to close his eyes while I try to gently scrape it off his eye.  Then his cheeks.  Oh, one more spot-- his nose.

"Let's go to Winco tonight at come home and make one!"  he says with his eyes still closed as I'm  seriously trying to scrape the small dots of sprayed protein shake off his eyelid.  How the heck did this protein shake spray all over?  Why did it dry so fast-- on his face?!  I think this to myself and then realize he is serious, he really wants me to make a cheesecake.  Tonight.  And it's already 8 o'clock and we just started eating dinner!  Cheesecake takes at least 45 minutes to bake after you make it and we haven't even gone to the store yet.

At this moment I had a choice.  Okay, so it wasn't that big of a deal, it's a cheesecake for goodness sake.  He probably wouldn't have really cared either way.   But I still had a choice: honor my man by going with him to the store so we make his indulgence-- or whine about how by the time we come home from shopping and make it then bake it...  Blah blah blah.

So, we went to the store.

We made a cheesecake... Together.  David make an awesome walnut crust with bran.  Okay, so he likes to experiment with food.  :)  It turned out and it was lovely.

Sometimes there is joy in going to Winco on a Friday night at 9:00.  It took a character check on my part, though.  Be here, present for the small things like making a cheesecake.  I'm so glad I didn't let that pass me by.

One of my goals for 2011 is to find joy in something-- every day.  Joy in a cheesecake. 

Yum. :)

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