Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project Simplify Week 1 After: Clean Closet!

Look at that messy closet.  I think we had 40+ coats between the two of us. 

Now look at it!

Clean, calm, collected.

Well, maybe not all of those things but definitely clean.

Don't need these anymore.  I'm giving away what they used to hang.

Here's one of the piles Goodwill will see later this week.

And another. 

David even has some shoes in there.  He's worse than me when it comes to parting with stuff.  I had a Toyota motorsports hat in the pile. 
"What are you doing with this hat?" He asks. 
 "Giving it away," I replied.
He proceeds to try it on.  "But I like it."
"You haven't worn it since we moved into this house," I tell him.
"But I like it."
"Okay, then keep it."  I smile.

Getting rid of something is not worth an argument, right girls? 

There is so much more room for more shoes!

It was fun, cleaning out the closet.  It wasn't that hard.  I've parted with things that didn't need to take up the space anyway.  Less stuff.  More room for more stuff creating a space that screams PURPOSE and PLACE!  It has to have a purpose, and yes, it must have a place.

Want to challenge yourself to clean house this month?  Visit simplemom to get all the details on Project Simplify, the project I'm participating in to declutter, organize and create a more peaceful dwelling in my home.  I am not paid or anything to endorse Simplemom.  I just really enjoy reading the blog and appreciate what Tsh has to say and what she stands for.  I bet you will too. :)

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