Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dreaming of the Present

A few stories in our bookshelves

Stories.  They're fun to tell and interesting to hear.  The tales of loss and love and adventure. 

We all have a story.

What is mine?  I've asked myself this a few times recently and paused at my reluctant internal response.  Where are we going?  What are we doing?  What's to come?  I'm often too caught up in dreaming to sit and just be present in my life and acknowledge the story I'm living right now.

Be present and experience it.  Enjoy it.  Relish this time.

I have always been a dreamer.  When I was 12, I dreamed of making it to the Olympic Trials.  I never made it; I missed it by 1/10 of a second in the 100 breastroke.  I was bummed, but I moved on.  I dreamed of meeting a wonderful man, marrying him and starting a family.  I dreamed of having a job where I'd get to dress up and wear a suit and heels.  I dreamed of travelling to Paris, of cooking a rack of lamb, of touring South Africa, of pouring my life into a job that doesn't feel like work.  I dreamed... I dreamed...  I dream.

God put something in all of us that craves something more.  I think that's why we dream-- we're made for so much more than what this life on earth can give us.  Even so, we are here-- and I need to remember to be fully present in my day, my marriage, my life.

This past weekend David was in extreme pain due to an abscessed tooth.  He was on vicodin and antibiotics and was actually a little loopy.  He's so cute when he's loopy.  Anyway, because of his tooth situation we laid low and stayed home most of the weekend.  We painted cabinets, watched movies, cooked lemon soup and cauliflower casserole (easy things on his tooth), cleaned out the closet...  We just spent time together without distractions.  As we curled up in covers before we drifted off to sleep, we commented on how nice it is to just be sometimes.  To stay home.  To clean closets. :)  To be fully present for each other.  I think his quote was "staying home is so underrated."  Point taken!

I'm in a resting season of life currently.  As I rest, I want to be awake and fully aware of what I'm enjoying.  I have an opportunity right now to teach myself to be present for the people and purpose my life envelopes rather than busy-ing myself with more, more, and more.  I think this is why I'm drawn to Project Simplify.  Less. Is. More.

I have a story.  And I am going to be present and enjoy experiencing it.

What story are you living now?  How will you simplify your life so you can enjoy and experience the present part of your story?


  1. From mom: I love your thoughts, Rachel. It's so hard to be present because we are pulled in so many different directions. We have so many distractions. Sometimes it takes an abscessed tooth or a bum knee to keep us home and quiet enough to just BE. And then with each season in our life, our story changes. But that's okay. My story use to involve carpools and helping with school projects. Now those are only wonderful memories. Presently, my life is filled with kids that aren't my own, a husband that loves to go and explore places with me, and hobbies that call to me. Thanks for prodding us to think on these things.....

  2. Rachel... so true. The gift of just being. Since being married, Aaron has helped me to slow down and just enjoy "being." Playing Yahtzee, or reading together on the couch, going for a walk, watching a movie together. What can come across to others as being "simple" or "boring" is actually a gift! Though I also love to dream, I remind myself that this is "real life" right now... and that I should take in each moment! Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Krista- I totally agree! I'm all for the simple life, especially if it means slowing down to enjoy what God's put in my life at the moment. Rather than blowing past it, I'd rather sit down and soak it all in! Sounds like you found an awesome hubby, I'm so happy for you!

  4. Rach...you can still tour South Africa!!! ;0)


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