Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just Simplify

No, that dog is not mine and I wish my home looked that clean and organized.  I got that picture off of google because I liked the way it inspired me.  As I'm currently in the middle of a huge home project of painting my kitchen, I need inspiration and motivation.  Especially when David is gone for almost two weeks!  Geez.  It will be nice when one day he has a local district.

I was over at Simplemom today just perusing around (she's an amazing home manager!!!) when I stumbled upon Project Simplify. What a fun idea! I'm totally going to participate.

Now that picture is actually our living room after I had totally cleaned up.  Not as inspiring as the other pic with the nice dog and cute organized shelves, but it's ours.  It would make for a good "after" picture in Project Simplify!  Basically the project is all about simplifying a hot spot in your home.  Take a busy area like the entry way, the kitchen counters, underneath the bathroom sink, the coffee table, you name it-- an area in your home that tends to attract clutter.  For me, this would be my master bedroom and the big island-like counter in my kitchen, or my junk drawer, or the guest room closet... I could go on and on.  Perhaps I need to simplify, eh?  Starting on March 7, Simplemom will post the week's hot spot, and then the fun begins!

1.  Take a before picture of that hot spot in your home.
2.  You have a week to organize it, make it beautiful, functional, or de-cluttered!
3.  Take an after picture.
4.  Go to simplemom and link it to your blog if you want a chance to win in her give-aways.

I know it's kind of weird that I'm reading a mom blog.  But this one has way more than just mom stuff.  Actually it has stuff on money management, organizing, home managing, productivity, projects, relationships, being green, the list can definitely continue.  She's featured on (in)courage which is another awesome blog I love.  Can you tell I love blogging.  It's just way fun.  It's an entire community in and of itself.  It's fun to be inspired.

Maybe I feel the need to do projects and challenges (ie. Cupboard Challenge, 14 Days of Love) because it makes me feel like I'm doing something exciting while David's away.  Maybe it's because I need a break from the projects I do at work but I don't actually like not doing something when I'm at home.  And since my husband's constantly travelling, I have time to fill.  And fill it I do-- with friends and exercise and church and projects (notice how housework didn't make that list ha!).  In this season of life where I live like a single lady during the week :) I might as well make use of the time I have to myself, right?  When he's home, we can be lazy together-- at least that's fun.  Being lazy alone?  I better have earned it with completing a long work out or a ton of laundry. :)

Anyway, the gist of all of that is I'm participating in Project Simplify and I'm excited to do it.  Anyone else want to join me?


  1. I could use some simplifying in my house and spring is a great time to do ti!

  2. I'm right there with you Julie!

  3. I'm thinking this will be a great strategy for my garage!

  4. I am going to do this Rach! I love it.

  5. Yay Ames!!! It's going to be fun!

  6. I know I should do it, but do I have the energy to find a place for all the clutter??? Sounds like I should deal!! (Michelle)

  7. Yes! If you need more inspriation, read this clip on smallnotebook.org. I get so attached to things but there is freedom in quieting the space. Let's do it together mom! We can encourage each other!



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