Saturday, February 12, 2011


David came home on Thursday night from Alaska and got paint ALL OVER his nice wool coat.  He leaned up against the cabinets in the kitchen that I'd been painting...  Oops. 

In my defense, I did tell him he was walking into a "wet paint" zone.

In his defense, I told him from the other room after the toilet had been flushed so there's a small possibility with that background noise he might not have heard me.

He looked up at me startled.  "Aaaah! My pants! My coat!"  My jaw dropped as I of course tried to tell him I'd told him so (annoying nagging wife I am).  "Well take it off!  We'll scrub it!"

Imagine two 20 somethings standing at the kitchen sink with two sponges in hand diligently scrubbing primer out of a wool coat as fast as they can.  I had the left pocket and he had the right.  Scrub, squeeze....

We got it out, but now his coat is all nubby.  Not sure if that is a word.  But it is definitely nubby.  It kind of smells like the sponge.  But there's no way we were just going to throw that coat away.

So, if any of you see David wearing a mid length, black wool coat, tell him how amazingly handsome he looks in that fine coat.  It will make him (me) feel better! :) 


  1. It's great to be able to laugh at yourself. But life happens and sometimes you just have to send that coat to the Good Will. Or invest in some great cologne. "Sponge" fragrance just doesn't cut it. There is a nub remover. It's a little device that you rub over nubs and it denubs your garment!!!

  2. i'll have to check that out! Sasha told me the same thing. There must be merit to the whole nub remover business. :)


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