Friday, February 4, 2011


It's day 4 on my 14 Days of Love challenge, where I'm striving to be intentional to do something small yet meaningful towards my husband for the 14 days leading up to Valentines Day.  I have to say, it's been fun!  I've learned to be spontaneous but also appreciate planning ahead as it makes it less stressful.  I've also realized it's okay to be flexible.  If what was planned doesn't go perfectly, no biggie.  It's being intentional about what's meaningful to David, not to me!

Tonight we decided to stay in and begin a new home project.  Remember what other project I was supposed to finish by the end of January?  PAINTING the entire upstairs trim!  Well, I am proud to say I finished it.  I spent the entire last weekend of January paintbrush in hand just so I could finish.  I was so excited about the way it looked, that I began painting a linen cupboard in our bathroom to see what it would look like.  Since our kitchen cabinets are the same as this particular linen cupboard, I thought it couldn't hurt to just see what it would look like.  If it turned out, maybe I'd tackle the entire kitchen.  I loved the way the white brightened up the look, so I talked to David and he was convinced.  Wahoo!

I went online looking for inexpensive home improvement ideas (I'm so ADD that I can't just be excited to start a huge project like painting the cabinets in the kitchen, I have to go online and see how I can spruce up the rest of our home) and found my new favorite blog.  You've got to check it out:  This gals is a genius!  She is all about taking old, thrift store items and turning them into your gems.  She's a thrifty one with a keen eye for design.  I love her style.  I decided that yes, I am definitely nesting too.  I long to make a beautiful home for us and have fun doing it, while keeping it simple and homey and liveable.  And reading her stuff made me realize that yes, I can do it even while we're on this budget too.

I found joy today in spending shoulder to shoulder time with my man painting our kitchen.  It looks awful right now (have you ever seen primer over oak on the first coat?!  Awful) but it was fun working together on this place we call home. :)  

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