Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My 2012

Our family of three.. Maya at 2 weeks old :)
I am sitting here in my living room reflecting on the past year... And oh what a joyful year it was!   
We welcomed our sweet Maya baby on May 5th (no, her name has nothing to do with the month she was born in.  I've always loved the name!) and she changed our world forever.  I've never felt so scared and protective and happy and overjoyed all at once.  She is exactly what I expected... And I am so grateful for her and the blessing she is to us.  One day I will write the story of her making her entrance, but it still makes me terrified and anxious when I think about it so maybe in a few months when I am ready to remember :).
2012 brought some crazy changes.  I went from going on maternity leave, to coming back to a different position at work, to quitting two months later due to a cross country move.  David received a promotion and led our family to the great (and congested) state of New Jersey.  We sold our dear home in Oregon-- the first home we ever bought together and brought our baby girl home to-- bittersweet. :)  We rent a house now that's over 100 years old!
2012 brought some challenges too.  Working from home with an infant wasn't as smooth as I thought it would be (even though I only did it for a couple months).  Adjusting to the needs of our little person presented a shift of perspective and deciding to leave the place we'd made a very comfortable home for ourselves in wasn't easy... 
But oh how I will forever cherish 2012 for the growth it cultivated in my heart and our family. 
And now, on to 2013!

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