Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We've finally hit a bit of a groove out here in New Jersey!  Our first few weeks were spent at starbucks while our laundry was finishing at the cleaners next door.  Oh yes I love Starbucks, possibly more than going out for a nice dinner- but I love that we've set into a bit of a routine here even more. :)
My how things are different.  At first I thought I might cry every time I opened a moving box filled with things that reminded me of our home in Oregon.  My throat tight and tears on the verge, I'd remember my Ebenezer Rocks and that we are here for a purpose... Even if I'm not sure what it is yet.
Life continues, even when I am a bit 'stuck' in the remembering and reminiscing.  Phone calls with friends across the miles and my mama-- reminding me that this lifetime of good-byes also means there's a lot of 'hellos' to be had too.  I become brave and go to a mom's group night out-- and sign up for the pizza afternoon at the library and the community swap. 
Oh how life has changed!
A few short months ago I was reviewing media kits and preparing yearly goals while changing diapers and answering phone calls.  I can't say I miss the juggling of working and mama-being, but it is a transition to being home full time!
A transition that I LOVE.
I.  Am.  So.  Grateful.
I know that being a SAHM isn't for everybody.  But it is definitely for me.  I am loving every single second of it.  And while I would take an opportunity to work again if it was the right fit for our family, I am sooooo grateful that I get this time to focus on my little girl and my man.  It is such a gift.  I never want to take it for granted.  I won't pretend that it's hard for me to be home, I'm so thankful that I can be here, all the time, for my family-- at least right now.
Of course I'm still figuring out the cooking every (most) nights thing.  And the ironing thing (my husband has to wear a shirt and tie every day so there is a lot of ironing going on in this home!).  I kind of feel like a newlywed with a baby to take care of.  I'm so thankful for ironing and meal planning and cooking and swiffering (is that a word?).  One day when I'm annoyed at all of this I just want to remember how grateful I am now to be here.
And I'm still grateful for Starbucks.  In a town of Dunkin Donuts, I'm SOOOO glad there's a Starbucks a mile away.  I already have a favorite chair :).

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