Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hard Good-Byes

Saying good-bye is so. Hard.

I remember sitting in my dorm room freshman year, reading a letter my mom gave to me as she left with the rest of my family after dropping me off at Washington State University.  My roommate hadn’t arrived yet, so I had the room to myself.  As I opened the letter, the first words made me sob.

“Today is the first of a lifetime of good-byes.”  Thankful that my roommate wasn’t there to see me, I bawled like a baby.  I missed my mom already.

Of course her letter continued on to encourage me to embrace the new friends, experiences and education I’d receive.  She noted that a good-bye is always accompanied by an introduction to something new, and reminded me how I loved a good challenge.  She iterated her love, pride and hope for my new adventure ahead.  But those first words have never left me, because they are so true.

Last weekend, David's coworkers threw him a going away party.  It was all I could do to fight back tears as their cards were read.  The following day our community group from church made a pumpkin "We'll Miss You" dessert and prayed over us as group came to a close.  It's so hard to say good-bye. So, so hard...  And I'm not even gone yet!

A lifetime of good-byes...
Now, as David, Maya and I face another good-bye to our dear friends here in Portland, my emotions are all too familiar.  Excitement is filled with anxious hope.  I’m nervous yet expectant—joyful yet sad.  And thankful… I’m so thankful for these past four years.  We have ‘grown up’ during our time in Portland and learned so much.

In a couple months we’ll be on the east coast, out of our nicely sized home and into a tiny little apartment all cozied up to each other and far away from the rain into the snow.  We’ll be a short train ride away from New York City but 3000 miles from our friends here and family in California.  It’s crazy how in a blink of an eye, your life can change.

We’re going to miss our Portland family so much, but are excited and hopeful for the new adventure ahead.  David leaves Sunday and begins his new job next week!  Your prayers for our transition are welcomed and coveted!


  1. So I tried to post a comment earlier but it didn't post :( Praying for you guys! Goodbyes are hard, but God is good!!

    Love you!

  2. Love you too! Thank you for your prayers :)


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