Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shopping the House

A week or so ago i was getting bored in my kitchen. 

I know, I know, I just refaced it and I looooooove it, but I felt like it was missing some spark.

I didn't want to spend any money, so...

I shopped the house.

Shopping the house is interesting.  Sometimes I find something I'd totally forgotten about.  Other times I find something to repurpose.  It makes me a little creative crazy, if you know what I mean.

My first find was an old bookshelf/ladder that I'd bought on clearance at Target a couple years back.   I decided it fit perfectly in the corner of my kitchen.  I just needed to fill it with pretty yet useful things.

I shopped the house.

I found a pretty blue caraf that my sister-in-law had given us for our wedding.  I put it on the shelf.

I found an old bottle that used to house Trader Joe's balsamic vinegar.  When I'd used up all the vinegar, I noticed I liked the shape of the glass bottle so I kept it.  Glad I did!

Nester did a series on a plate wall and so I've been searching for plates when I peruse around Goodwill.  I'd found this platter a few weeks back for $3.  Works pretty well with the teal blue caraf and the empty bottle!

Next I found a basket.  It was the perfect size, but it was large enough where you could throw stuff in it and make it look really messy.  I needed something to give it a bit of color and fill the space yet be functional.

I shopped the house.

I came up with these placemats I'd bought at Big Lots (they're Pier 1!) before we got married.  I still like them.  5 years later and I still like my placemats? Maybe I'm finding my style along the way! 

While we were in Florida, I'd found this cute beachy mirror at TJ Max on clearance for $5.  I of course had to buy it and stuff it in my suitcase along with bridesmaid dress and shoes and laptop and all the other junk I think I need when I travel.  I just adored the colors.  I immediately thought this would be a good place for it along with some cool and calm blue candles.

Next I needed a burst of color...

So guess what I did?

I shopped the house.

I found these pears that I bought at Fred Meyer a few years back (fake, of course.  I don't do weird drying of fruit or preservation or junk like that.  These are totally legit fake pears).  The yellow was a nice contrast with the teals and blues going on.

Of course I had to add a salad cook book because I adore salads.

And I ADORE David.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love this man?!  Well I do.  We have our moments but I love this man.  I had to put at least one picture on the ladder shelf!

Finally, the very top shelf was super skinny so I had to put small items that didn't need a lot of foot room. 

While shopping the house, I found this cheese slicer that I've never used.  Okay, well I used it once at my housewarming party but not to slice cheese.  Rather to put cheese on-- it made it look kind of fancy I thought.  :)

This old pottery barn lantern was purchased at a flea market in Tigard and I love how the silver/metal/whatever-it-is is kind of tarnished.  Gives it that rustic look.

You can do pretty well when you shop the house!

*Don't pay attention to the lack of baseboards.  We're still figuring that out*

Not too shabby for about an hour of shopping the house and placing things together.

$0 and an hour of my time.

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  1. I like the pears and the blue vase/caraf...which I think is a Southern Living item. You did a great Job! Thanks for sharing the pics! :)


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