Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Month End"

Tonight is what everyone in the field calls "Month End." This means that all the field travelers and their regional management get together and eat a greasy but yummified meal, all the while counting each vehicle their dealers sell until closing time. Then they release the total number sold for the month, and you can read about it in the business section of your newspaper the next day.

Month end doesn't really mean that much to me except that it means David gets to be home, even if he doesn't get here until after 10 p.m. He usually brings me some left overs from their dinner, and while I snack on the PF Changs or pizza (or sometimes sweets from Cupcake Jones in downtown Portland, that is my favorite) we talk about our day. I usually dish about the office drama from my work or what it will be like having kids one day, or maybe about our plans for the weekend or how we are going to be more involved in our church. Yes, I probably talk about all of those things in one sentence and he looks at me like I'm crazy, but I have to get it all in because by the next day he'll be back on the road. :)

I envision month end to be a fun catch up party. If I was a field traveler, month end would just be a gab fest to see what everyone's been up to. It's the one day out of the month that the entire region is in the office, so there's lots of catching up to do. See, the field gets most of their people from corporate. Since most of the other field travelers get transplanted up here without knowing a soul in Portland, they kind of bond together like little kids with a secret handshake. Us wives bond too. We are like a little family. And while we don't really hang out all that much together, we have each other's back and keep up with what's going on. They all helped us move when we bought our first house. We get together for the Super Bowl or have Christmas parties. We understand the kind of life it is coming and going, packing and unpacking. I adore these people, they are special. So month end to me seems like fun.

I try to have the house clean when David comes home from travelling so he doesn't think I've been sitting on my butt blogging while he's been away (if he only knew!). Since it's month end tonight, that means I have about 2 hours before he comes through the door. I hear the laundry room calling my name...

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