Monday, May 24, 2010

1.5 years and counting!

It's been a year and half since I have been a field traveler's wife. A beautiful disaster that has turned out to be quite interesting and actually really fun. The past year and a half has proven to be the most trying, but definitely the most rewarding as well.

My friend Sarah and I were talking one night about our husbands (well, she's engaged so soon enough he'll be her husband) and their jobs. Their work requires them to be away in what corporate jargon refers to as "the field". No, it isn't a grassy knoll with flowers and wheat (although some of the places they visit are in the middle of such), rather it is a group of car dealerships in the Pacific Northwest. My husband, David, covers mostly eastern Washington and northern Idaho. He gets on a plane either Monday or Tuesday and flies back home on Friday. When that movie "The Time Traveller's Wife" came out Sarah and I laughed because to some extent, we can relate!

This is not a blog to disrespect David's job. I actually love his job because he's happy doing it, and it's a great feeling to know my husband is happy with his work. There are just some things that make life interesting being a wife of a travelling husband. Like the time my boss asked me about Wolfgang Puck coffee. See, no one drinks Wolfgang Puck coffee. Well, not the normal person, I don't know where you would buy it since I've never seen it in a grocery store. But at hotels, well, they must serve it, because David constantly comes home with it and the branded paper cups and sleeves. I show up to work with my coffee in hand, and it always has a Wolfgang Puck coffee sleeve because I have tons of these things around my kitchen that he brings home. And how do you explain this to your boss without going into all this detail...? I guess it could be summed up in that I am a field traveler's wife, so my house has lots unknown items (to say the least)! About 100 weird brands of shampoo. And individually wrapped toilet paper that is either pretty or pretty smashed. Come to think of it we haven't had to buy toilet paper since he got this job. I know, most people wouldn't take home the toilet paper. My husband does!

And so here we have it, the stories and tidbits from my life... The field traveler's wife.


  1. Nice picture, Team. Is this your front yard? It looks cozy.

  2. So fun to see you up close and personal. Where are those blueberry bushes????

  3. Actually Jake this is in front of another field traveler wife's house. :0) And I'll have to post those blueberries soon, they are still green though!


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